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JP-H03200076-A: Detector for short-circuited position of printed circuit board patent, JP-H03217849-A: Toner for thermal fixing patent, JP-H03219230-A: Silver halide color photographic sensitive material, silver halide emulsion and production thereof patent, JP-H03222742-A: Silver reflecting film with high reflectivity and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H03224580-A: Processing method of moving image patent, JP-H03227121-A: Frequency divider circuit patent, JP-H03235725-A: Safety device for folding seat of vehicle patent, JP-H03236434-A: Nickel-base alloy in which each content of sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen extremely low patent, JP-H03248905-A: Rear suspension patent, JP-H03252910-A: Thin-film magnetic head patent, JP-H03257861-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H03267193-A: Water treating device patent, JP-H03268623-A: Data receiver patent, JP-H03293563-A: Method and apparatus for determining unstable type hemoglobin a1c patent, JP-H03296266-A: Storage circuit and storage controller patent, JP-H0337100-A: Drier for glove patent, JP-H0338236-A: Apparatus for mixing container content patent, JP-H0341351-A: Heat conduction type measuring apparatus patent, JP-H0345534-A: Production of crystallized glass patent, JP-H0349130-A: Formation of scatter preventing film patent, JP-H0355833-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0359569-A: Toner for heat fixing patent, JP-H035995-A: Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device patent, JP-H0361263-A: Printer device patent, JP-H036470-A: Apparatus and method for diagnosing power machinery patent, JP-H0379100-A: Light transmission paste and precipitating method for metal copper using the same patent, JP-H0382175-A: Cryostat for superconductive device patent, JP-H0384019-A: Curable composition patent, JP-H0388529-A: Network device for duplex optical communication patent, JP-H0389910-A: Flue gas filter patent, JP-H04112368-A: Machine translation device patent, JP-H0414395-A: Remote control system patent, JP-H04156110-A: Data compressing method patent, JP-H041709-A: Optical module patent, JP-H04171051-A: Vertical grinder patent, JP-H04179456-A: Production of concentrated stock source and concentrated stock source patent, JP-H04181053-A: Hydrostatic continuous variable transmission patent, JP-H04189034-A: Phase locked loop pick-up circuit in common use with afc loop patent, JP-H04208819-A: Gravity correction apparatus for electronic balance patent, JP-H04236497-A: Manufacture of radio wave absorbing precast plate patent, JP-H04258463-A: Vertical pipe erecting method for multistoried reinforced concrete building patent, JP-H0427703-A: Control method of by-pass damper in combined cycle power generating plant patent, JP-H04286543-A: Granular body loading device to on-vehicle granular body tank patent, JP-H04291805-A: Rocking compensation type antenna system patent, JP-H04299642-A: Automatic notice control system patent, JP-H0431495-A: Method of reforming heavy naphtha patent, JP-H04323106-A: Bucket conveyor patent, JP-H04328929-A: Transmission method and device for signaling information in lan system patent, JP-H04337987-A: Video signal demodulator patent, JP-H0434519-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H04347099-A: Grease supplying structure for link mechanism patent, JP-H04349162-A: Backfill grout for tunnel patent, JP-H04359323-A: Microcomputer patent, JP-H04506545-A: patent, JP-H0452974-A: Fingerprint pattern sorting device patent, JP-H0458299-A: Sound encoding device patent, JP-H0470597-A: Nuclear reactor activation system monitor patent, JP-H0475794-A: Optical fiber for stabilizing output beam mode in laser beam machine patent, JP-H0484790-A: Radar device to judge pseudo image due to multiple reflection patent, JP-H0485613-A: Expression format data input system patent, JP-H0487911-A: Automatic line capping machine patent, JP-H0498474-A: Bar code reading device and checking method for it patent, JP-H05107678-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H0511353-A: インデツクスプリント及び情報記録方法 patent, JP-H0515288-A: Method for injecting agricultural chemical and fertilizer into ground patent, JP-H05162315-A: Bubble jet head patent, JP-H05165722-A: キャッシュメモリ障害処理方式 patent, JP-H0516591-A: Electronic blackboard device patent, JP-H05197517-A: ポインタの位置に関する音声情報を提供する方法及びシステム patent, JP-H05198805-A: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, JP-H05200825-A: Formation and processing of synthetic resin-coating on pc steel strand and pc strand coated with synthetic resin patent, JP-H05205871-A: Microwave oven patent, JP-H0521801-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-H05220632-A: Holding device and fitting device of knob or the like patent, JP-H0522970-A: モータ制御装置 patent, JP-H05239729-A: Production of roving patent, JP-H05275992-A: Phase difference measuring circuit system patent, JP-H05300214-A: 自動音声通報式ホームテレホン patent, JP-H0535288-A: カラオケ再生装置 patent, JP-H054622-A: 袋用物品充填装置 patent, JP-H05506806-A: patent, JP-H055599-A: ラジエータ patent, JP-H0563662-A: 遠端エコーパスをシミユレートする回路及びエコーキヤンセラ patent, JP-H0567568-A: 半導体結晶薄膜の成長装置 patent, JP-H0569851-A: 電動パワステアリング制御装置 patent, JP-H0578412-A: 超吸収性ポリマーの残留アクリル酸含量を低下させる方法 patent, JP-H058452-A: Impact dot printer patent, JP-H06111451-A: Method for reading recording medium patent, JP-H06112823-A: A/d converter patent, JP-H06118876-A: 印字用シート patent, JP-H06134602-A: 2主軸nc工作機械 patent, JP-H06153662-A: コンバインの刈取穀稈搬送装置 patent, JP-H06163102-A: Terminal for drawing of shielding wire cable patent, JP-H06169619-A: 茎葉、根除去装置を備えた掘取機 patent, JP-H06188901-A: 非同期転送モード輻輳判定方式 patent, JP-H0620276-A: Method and apparatus for recording optical information patent, JP-H06226340-A: Branch tube for piping and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H06226916-A: Molded wooden panel for decorative covering patent, JP-H06233981-A: 透過膜及び活性炭による上水道用ろ過装置 patent, JP-H06246566-A: 加工機械 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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